Beginning my Open Source Journey with KDE!

May 27, 2023·

1 min read

About me

Hi! I’m Vansh, a third-year CS undergraduate. I’ve been looking to start contributing to FOSS projects for a while now, and decided to make use of GSoC as a foray into my open source journey. KDE Plasma on top of various Linux distributions has been my daily-driver of choice for nearly three years, which is why KDE especially appealed to me as a community that I'd love to be a part of. Let's get started :)

The project: Calendar invitations in Kalendar

One of the limitations of Kalendar in its current form is that without the option to send and receive invitations for events, Kalendar users must resort to other calendar clients to manage their meetings when dealing with events with multiple attendees. The goal of this project is to implement actions in Kalendar allowing users to share their free/busy information, view free/busy info of others, send invitations to others while creating or editing events, check attendees’ participation status and respond to incoming invitations.

Anyway, will catch you in the next post with some updates on the project!